John Cage (Europera5)
Morton Feldman / Samuel Beckett (Words & Music)
Erik Satie (Socrate)

Artistic team

Eric De Kuyper (image)
Johannes Taelman (sound direction)
Wim Dolfyn (light and decor)
Mathilde Geens (direction coordination)
Gina Del Carmen (dance)
Kristof Bilsen (video)
Tom Hannes (actor)

Musical team

HERMESensemble (musicians)
Petra Van Tendeloo (soprano)
Valerie Vervoort (soprano)
Mireille Capelle (mezzo soprano)
Guy Vandromme (general musical direction)

In collaboration with


What do Erik Satie, Morton Feldman and John Cage have in common?

WORD PIECES consists of three separate parts that exceed the limitations of our usual ideas about opera or musical theatre. It cannot be grouped under any one heading. How can you describe it? A whole that is more than the sum of its parts. A cross-over of various disciplines.

Word, image, music. Something far different from anything you are used to.