Artistic team 2022-2023

Wim Henderickx (†)
Diederik Glorieux
Gilles Doneux


Esther-Elisabeth Rispens, soprano
Karin de Fleyt, flute
Peter Merckx, clarinet
Antoine Maisonhaute, violin
Marc Tooten, viola
Lieselot Watté, cello
Jan Buysschaert, double bass
Geert Callaert, piano
Gaetan La Mela, percussion


Alice Yeung
Davide Paolillo
Yngwie M. Janseghers
Ellen Jacobs

With the support of

Vlaamse Overheid

Since 2017-2018, a separate development track has been set up for young composers studying at a conservatoire who participated in SOUNDMINE. THE TIMES ACADEMY is a design studio and co-creation track, in which a new composition takes shape in intensive cooperation with musicians from HERMESensemble and composer Wim Henderickx.

Three new pieces created by Yngwie Janseghers, Davide Paolillo and Alice Hoi Ching Yeung, a group of young talented composers, will be presented to the world for the first time on 19 March 2023. You are welcome to attend at the HERMESstudio (Stokerijstraat 29/b22, 2110 Wijnegem) at 5pm.

All information via THE TIMES and THE TIMES ACADEMY website