Gavin Bryars

Artistic team

Édouard Lock (choreographer)

Musical team

Geert Callaert (piano)
Stijn Bettens (accordion)
Romek Maniewski (cello)
Jérémy Ninove (cello)
Elias Bartholomeus (double bass)

In collaboration with

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

HERMESensemble worked together with the British composer Gavin Bryars on the creation of a new piece of dance theatre with Moroccan-Canadian choreographer Édouard Lock.

THE HEART OF AUGUST was produced and created in two parts called THE HEART OF AUGUST & THE HEART OF AUGUST CONTINUED. It required close cooperation between the choreographer, the composer and the musicians of HERMESensemble.

The Orpheus and Euridice myth is enacted from the point of view of Euridice. No longer is she merely the reason why Orpheus descended into the underworld but has her own fully coherent story.