Created by and with

Mireille Capelle, Aya Suzuki, Nel Maertens, Marc Tooten, Adriaan de Roover, Timo Tembuyser, Matteo Sedda/Magdalena Öttl, Kato Declercq & NKK NXT (Agnese Allegra, Elaine Hakkaart, Emma Wessleus, Fran Van Lysebettens, Joana Guiné, María Suárez López & Vanessa Guinadi)

Concept & director

Aïda Gabriëls


Lena Meyskens, Tessa Vannieuwenhuyze & Rudi Laermans

Musical direction

Timo Tembuyser

Choreographic advice

German Jauregui & Matteo Sedda


Anne Van Es


Pieter-Jan Buelens


Maarten Van Mulkem

With the support of

KMSKA, MA Festival, Axel Vervoordt / Inspiratum, HERMESensemble, Needcompany, NKK NXT, Perpodium and Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government

Thanks to

Renato Nicolodi, Kasia Mielczarek & Sander Bortier

An encounter between different disciplines at the museum

Passages echoes the transient encounter between life and death, the past and the present, reality and imagination. It represents a no-man’s land where contrasting worlds meet. Unfolding an interplay of voice, light, visual arts, movement, electronics, and classical music, Passages is an ongoing performance that embraces its unfinished state and invites new contributors with each performance at every new location.

Nestled in museums and galleries, a versatile cast creates a dialogue between the transience of the performing arts and the enduring nature of the visual arts, where the gaze of the spectator adds the final brushstroke.