Artistic team

Mireille Capelle (mezzo-soprano)
Marc Tooten (viola)
Adriaan de Roover (electronics)
Timo Tembuyser (vocals & dance)
German Jauregui (dance)

Aïda Gabriëls (concept & direction)
Tessa Vannieuwenhuyze (dramaturgy)

With the support of

Axel Vervoordt / Inspiratum
Muziektheater Transparant

No life without death. No memory without moment. No shadow nor darkness without light. No abscence without presence.

Styx draws the mythical border between the under and the upper world. From an awareness that one has no existence without the other, we meet in this transpass. On the verge of contrasts, we explore how we inherently form each other’s sphere of influence.

Styx is created within the context of Clair/Obscur, an exhibition of Renato Nicolodi’s work at Axel Vervoordt Gallery, from September 24 until December 10, 2022.

Nicolodi invites Aïda Gabriëls (oester) to open the dialogue of contrast. A scenography of stairs, corridors, overlaps and volumes contrast with a dancer (German Jauregui), a singer in motion (Timo Tembuyser), a singer (Mireille Capelle), a viola player (Marc Tooten) and an electronic music artist (Adriaan de Roover) and the spectators.

Styx is a performative act, taking place in a limited time and space suggesting a resting point for a society in flux, where any certainty is increasingly questioned by ever-repeating challenges. Between barriers and possibilities, the limits of entry are demarcated by mental boundaries.

Styx is a unique ritual where everyone’s presence is equal and necessary to plough through a temporal energetic field. Through each other’s presence, we perpetuate the other’s existence. Until the momentum passes and dissolves into transience.