Luc Brewaeys

Nobody is Perfect! (Jonathan Harvey 60)
Nobody is Perfect! (Frank Nuyts 50)
Per Andre L. 80
Nobody is Perfect! (Michael Finissy 50)
Nobody is Perfect! (André Laporte 65)
Nobody is Perfect! (Lukas Foss 75)
Nobody is Perfect! (Joao Pedro Oliviera 40)

Musical team

Koen Kessels (conductor)
Nicolas Dupont (violin)
Veerle Houbraken (violin)
Marc Tooten (viola)
Stijn Saveniers (cello)
Geert Callaert (piano)
Gaetan La Mela (percussion)
Jonas D’Haese (percussion)
Katrien Gaelens (flute)
Dries Tack (clarinet)
Dymphna Vandenabeele (oboe)
Wannes Cuvelier (bassoon)
Anthony Devriendt (horn)
Simon Van Hoecke (trumpet)
Thomas Moore (trombone)
Jens Similox-Tohon (double bass)


Podcasts by Katrien Gaelens
Recording compositions by If Sound Matters

With the support of

Vlaamse Gemeenschap

‘Nobody is Perfect’ is a series of six short compositions by Luc Brewaeys. Each composition is dedicated to a befriended composer or musician, as a birthday present. The metier and style of Luc’s music, but also his personality, is present in these pieces.

A composition as a gift, why not?

In six podcast episodes we tell the story of ‘Nobody is Perfect’. Each episode features a composition and we listen to the composer or musician (or their descendants) to whom the work was dedicated. They give us a unique insight into their relationship with Luc Brewaeys. We also find out where Luc found the inspiration to write the short compositions.

Except for the piece ‘Nobody is Perfect! (André Laporte 65)’, there are no recordings or merely live registrations of the compositions. Odysseia Ensemble and HERMESensemble do change all that! In January 2021 both ensembles recorded the complete series. HERMESensemble takes care of the string trio and the quartet. For the works ‘Nobody is Perfect! (André Laporte 65)’ and ‘Nobody is Perfect! (Frank Nuyts 50)’, the two ensembles joined forces.