Bo Spaenc
Mathias Coppens

Artistic team

Peter De Graef (text)

Musical team

Marc Tooten (viola)
Bo Spaenc (percussion / keyboard)

In collaboration with

Muziektheater De Kolonie

Life’s a bitch. Nobody is born for fun. Or by accident. We are all here to do or learn something.

Mrs Bob is not a monologue, but an authentic dialogue between text and music.

Tania Van der Sanden plays Mrs Bob, a highly successful businesswoman. She suddenly becomes incurably ill. Bo Spaenc composed the haunting score and plays and sings live. Mathias Coppens wrote additional contemporary music. Just like Mrs Bob’s memories the music sometimes sounds far away, thin and arid, before moving into sudden close focus. The probing marimba and percussion supplied by Bo complements the melancholy of the viola, sometimes warm, sometimes abrasive, played by Marc Tooten. The sounds and rhythms apply both balm and salt to the wound.