MAGNETIC HORIZON – an artistic encounter


Peter Ablinger (Amtssee bei Regen, 2008)
Marco Momi (Iconica IV, 2010)
Thanos Chrysakis (Magnetic Horizon, 2022 world creation)

Musical team

Gaetan La Mela (percussion and direction)
Elisa Soster (soprano)
Karin de Fleyt (flute)
Stijn Saveniers (cello)
Geert Callaert (piano)
Antoine Maisonhaute (violin)
Marc Tooten (viola)
Peter Merckx (clarinet)

Esther-Elisabeth Rispens (soprano)
Mar Sala Romagosa (flute)
Benjamin Maneyrol (clarinet)
Clara Levy (violin)
Esther Coorevits (viola)
Jasmijn Lootens (cello)
Bert De Rycke (piano)
Wim Pelgrims (percussion and electronics)

Bringing music from 1950 to 2050? HERMESensemble and Nemᴓ ensemble take up this challenge together from 2023 onwards.

In an artistic alliance, the seasoned musicians of HERMESensemble work together with the young wolves of Nemᴓ ensemble. On the one hand, they study the music of the recent musical past. On the other hand, they stand together at the cradle of new exciting creations.

24 November 2022: the kick-off of the collaboration with a unique double concert. Both ensembles will get to know each other and introduce themselves to the public as partners.

The concert is a mysterious meditation and an ode to a contemporary minimalism that resonates perfectly in the Karnak hall of the Canal site.

  • The Greek composer, producer and sound artist Thanos Chrysakis composes a new work for a mirrored ensemble. HERMESensemble and Nemᴓ ensemble create this work in close collaboration with the composer.
  • Nemᴓ ensemble evokes the tranquil minimalist world of Italian composer Marco Momi.
  • HERMESensemble tackles an intriguing open score by German minimalist Peter Ablinger. The ensemble gives its own and idiosyncratic musical interpretation.