Pietro Dossena
Nemø ensemble

Musical performance

Nemø ensemble

Freya Bovijn – Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Esther Coorevits – Viola
Bert De Rycke – Piano
Jasmijn Lootens – Cello
Wim Pelgrims – Percussion
Esther-Elisabeth Rispens – Voice
Mar Sala Romagosa – Flute
Pieter-Jan Vercammen – Guitar


Pietro Dossena


Nemø ensemble


Inspiratum 2023
Nemø ensemble

In collaboration with

Het Laatste Bedrijf

Supported by

Gallop Tax Shelter

In ‘Haunted’, Nemø ensemble presents a collection of compositions by Pietro Dossena, inspired by the grotesque. Driven by the dialogue and persistent dichotomy between the ensemble and solo acoustic guitar, they guide the audience through a dark, moody landscape that arises from synesthesia and gloomy marvel: color, form, texture, movement and space converge and change the manner in which they are each perceived – an exercise in embracing the grotesque.

A delicate play on the senses, between light and shadow, that raises the question: where is the balance between reality and imagination, the rational and irrational? And where does danger hide: in the world surrounding us, or within ourselves?

‘Because after all, what is fear, if not a lack of control by reason?’