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In this unique musical encounter, HERMESensemble joins forces with the talented musicians of kleinVerhaal, creating an enchanting synergy. An impressive mezzo-soprano goes into harmonious duet with a rapper. A lofi guitarist and a virtuoso vibraphonist plunge into drones together. An electronic music producer and a bass clarinetist create a fascinating symphony of sounds. This is no ordinary collaboration, this is Ensorian: an unexpected and bold mix of contemporary and classical influences.

What makes this project extra special is the inspiration drawn from the masterpieces of James Ensor. His visual art serves as a source for new live music and soundscapes.

Ensoriades is a collaboration between kleinVerhaal, Mu.ZEE and HERMESensemble. The compositions will be performed live at the museum to Ensor’s works during five nocturnes. The Ensoriades form an additional layer in the central exhibition of the Ensor year in Ostend.