Alireza Farhang

Musical team

Wim Pelgrims (percussion)
Elliott Harrison (percussion)
Anthony Millet (accordion)
Bruno Boulzaguet (actor, scenography and direction)

In collaboration with

Centre Henri Pousseur

CHUCHOTEMENTS BURLESQUES is a theatrical performance that brings together sound, light, image, speech and physical gestures around music. The performance of the work is the result of an intensive creative collaborative process and an artistic quest. Each performance is conceived flexibly, and can therefore adapt to different stage situations.

This project therefore blurs the boundaries between music, literature, painting, theatre and choreography in order to create a vibrant and surprising new stage experience.

As part of composer Alireza Farhang’s doctoral research into the graphic representation of sound and music, a hybrid notation has been designed to enable artists from different artistic disciplines to establish an intuitive relationship with reading the music score. The many possibilities offered by new technologies give the piece a broader dimension than a simple music theatre performance. In the composition of CHUCHOTEMENTS BURLESQUES, musical intentions are based on non-musical expressions in which physical and visual gesture occupy an important place.