HERMESensemble Caban


Artistic team

Karel Van Ransbeeck (concept and direction)
Wim Van de Vyver (design exposition)

Musical team

Peter Merckx (clarinet)
Stijn Saveniers (cello)

In collaboration with

Theater De Spiegel

Creative place, artistic play space
For children from three months to three years and their supervisors

A cosy play area, an oasis of peace containing a nest, a sleeve tunnel house, a bamboo hut, a camp, a ladder tent, etc. In-between playing, building and discovering, incredulous eyes, busy hands, open mouths, small steps carried along at their own tempo by what they see, hear and feel.

HERMESensemble pays a lot of attention to initiation in its educational work. With the young audience of Theater De Spiegel, the possibilities of new and improvised music are explored together.