Joris Blanckaert

Concept, text and direction

Kyoko Scholiers

Musical team

Stijn Saveniers (conductor and cello)
Karin de Fleyt (flute)
Peter Merckx (bass clarinet)
Gaetan La Mela (percussion)

Kinderkoor Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, conducted by Hendrik Derolez


Tiny Bertels
Sofie Decleir
Suzanne Grotenhuis
Greg Timmermans
Joris Van den Brande
Victor Saveniers/ Finn Van Hove

A coproduction of

De Grote Post
Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

With support from

The Flemish Government
Stad Antwerpen
Villa Hellebosch

This production was made with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government, in collaboration with Gallop Tax Shelter.

Boy, age 10, is at school when the police suddenly comes to get him. He doesn’t know why. All he knows is that he is not allowed to go home, because apparently he lives in an ‘alarming situation’. This is the start of an avalanche of legal, medical and emotional arguments that each have an impact on the boy. In a sultry montage, the viewer witnesses a series of big and small events that will determine Boys’ fate.

The case of Boy is fictional as a whole but based on hundreds of true stories. Theatre maker Kyoko Scholiers immersed herself for months in the world of Youth Aid (Jeugdhulp): she interviewed youth judges, counsellors, foster families, child psychiatrists, educators, adults who look back on their aid trajectory, children who stay in a facility and their parents. She attended lawsuits, visited dozens of facilities and worked as a volunteer in a community.

What is the effect of growing up without the basis of a safe home? Where is the boundary of loyalty to the parents? And can you escape from your own background? Scholiers depicts a highly topical reality in a quirky music theatre performance with a strong cast. Joris Blanckaert composes a special soundscape that is performed live by the children’s choir of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and HERMESensemble.

Picture (c) Nick Hannes