Raga III

18-11-2016 21u, Marc Tooten (altviolist HERMESensemble) brengt RAGA III (2011) van Wim Henderickx, voor altviool en electronics Welkomswoord door Dhr. LEE Jinwon, directeur Koreaans Cultureel Centrum Brussel. Van 18 november tot en met 18 december 2016 presenteert Museumcultuur Strombeek/Gent Kimsooja, Weaving the World, een solotentoonstelling van de Zuid-Koreaanse kunstenares Kimsooja. Deze in New York levende […]

Antwerp Connection

Wim Henderickx Alain Craens Luc Van Hove Bram Van Camp E-XXI cond. Frank Agsteribbe In collaboration with HERMESensemble and deCompagnie Wibert Aerts, violin solo Justus Grimm, cello solo Program Wim Henderickx, Resonating Light (2013) Comaci Boschi (flute), Peter Merckx (clarinet), Dimitri Mestdag (oboe), Kensuke Taira (bassoon), Senne La Mela (trumpet), Lindy Karreman (horn), Elia Coppé […]

Wim Henderickx, a portrait

Wim Henderickx has built up a consistent oeuvre since his first works written in the 1980s. Rhythmic drive and passages of ecstasy are alternated sensitively with comforting meditation and a preoccupation with sound itself. It is an oeuvre in which exotic percussion and familiar Western instruments go hand in hand. But what were Henderickx own […]

Homage to Arvo Part and Pierre Boulez

Arvo Pärt Pierre Boulez Programme : Arvo Pärt, Fratres (1977) 10’ String quartet, percussion Pierre Boulez, Sonatine (1946) 10’ Piano, flute Arvo Pärt, Da Pacem Domine (1991) 6’ String quartet Pierre Boulez, Une Page d’Ephéméride (2005) 5’ Piano solo Arvo Pärt, Spiegel im Spiegel (1977) 10’ Viola, piano HERMESensemble : Geert Callaert, piano Gudrun Vercampt & Mark Steylaerts, violin Marc Tooten, viola Stijn Saveniers, cello Karin De […]



Bruno Maderna HYPERION is an original musical theater production of the Italian group Muta Imago and HERMESensemble, based on the novella by Friedrich Hölderlin and music by Bruno Maderna. HYPERION is about the contrast between nature and (industrial) culture, embodied by the main character only plays the flute (a reference to the pre-industrial, ancient Greek […]

PROPORTIO – Venice 2015

On the occasion of the exhibition PROPORTIO at the Venice biennial HERMESensemble will perform several concerts at the Palazzo Fortuny. Program: Fr 25 September 2015 AURUM (Mireille Capelle) met live interventies Arvo Pärt – Fratres (1977)  10’ String quartet Arvo Pärt – Scala Chromatica (2007) 5’ Piano, violin, cello Arvo Pärt – Für Alina (1976) 2’ Piano solo Impro on Dominique Stroobant‘s […]

Serata Futurista

Giacinto Scelsi – Quattro pezzi per tromba solo Giacinto Scelsi – Pranam II Salvatore Sciarrino – Introduzione all’oscuro Tiziano Manca – Defining Francesco Filidei – Ballata no.5 “Carnevale” (Creatie) Cross-pollination is the essence of the artistic career of the HERMESensemble. During this concert visuals from Kurt Ralske support a program in which the exploration of […]

Die Leere mit Bedacht gefullt

© Photo: Filip Van Roe Mireille Capelle brings a unique performance on “Babylon” (1966), a text by Otto Piene. Around this text she performs a sonorous sculpture entitled Figures. What does Figures mean? Mireille Capelle: “In anatomy it means face, in geometry it is a point, a triangle, a shape, a line. In painting it’s a character, in the dance […]

Meeting and impro with Mary Bauermeister

© Photo: Filip Van Roe In 2015 Karin De Fleyt will start a two-year research project entitled  “From Zero to Nothing – Spirituality and the Arts in the Sixties”, in collaboration with HERMESensemble, Royal Conservatory Antwerp, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, the Zero Foundation and Inspiratum. Central point of this research is the […]

Paul De Assis


During the fourth edition of the Research Café Royal Conservatory of Antwerp receives HERMESensemble and Portuguese pianist and researcher Paulo Assis in an innovative and unique version of the Diabelli Variations (Opus 120, 1819-1823) by Ludwig van Beethoven. Paulo Assis performs solo a large number of the 33 variations, but several parts were translated by […]