The Times they are a-changing

The Times 2014


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“How does the future sound?” is the question that lies at the basis of this unique project, where musicians of Hermes Ensemble in collaboration with de Veerman and Amuz get started with music scores of talent between twelve and twenty years. Since 2013 Concertgebouw Brugge takes part in this project.

There is a real coaching provided by Bram Van Camp, Hanne Deneire and Mathias Coppens.

Young composers are invited to compose a maximum of five minutes a work. There is a pre- rehearsal place of work, in the presence of and in conjunction with one or more composers in residence of HERMESensemble. The icing on the cake: the work is done professionally in the beautiful concert hall of Amuz.

A live recording made from the concert.

This project is not considered as a contest. Only if the number of compositions sent is too large to perform all of them, a selection will be made. This selection is a proportionate number of selected works in the age groups 12-14 year old /15-17 year old/18-20 year old.

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