About HERMESensemble

Over the past ten years the Antwerp based HERMESensemblehas been exploring and crossing the limits of contemporary music. Apart from creating contemporary repertoire and new music, the ensemble often works with video and multimedia, and prefers researching adventurous encounters with popular music, jazz and early music. Apart from regularly performing in the most renowned Belgian theatres and festivals, HERMESensemble regularly performs in The Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Austria, and has been a returning guest of the Philharmonie de Luxembourg and the Venice Biennial Festival. HERMESensemble is supported by the Flemish government.

Press quotes

Koen Kessels, Artistic Director
Mireille Capelle, Mezzo soprano
Karin De Fleyt, flute
Geert Callaert, piano
Gaetan La Mela, percussion
Peter Merckx, clarinet
Stijn Saveniers, cello
Marc Tooten, viola
Jean-Marc Sullon
Kurt Ralske, video
Kee-Yong Chong, composer
Wim Henderickx, composer
Bram Van Camp, composer
Hanne Deneire, composer
Mathias Coppens, pianist and composer

Koen Kessels
Kevin Voets
Kitty Vancouillie
David Van Der Maat

Board of Directors
Mark Lambrechts, chairman
WIlly Winckelmans
Bo Coolsaet
Boris Vervoordt